BRIGGS v BROWNE! OAP bogus belt bash

Photo Credit – Shannon Briggs Instagram 

In a clash of the baldie oldie’s, the WBA have ordered Lucas Browne to defend his WBA Regular Heavyweight Champion belt. After Briggs has pestered David Haye for months on end, he has gone under the radar and tried to get exactly what Haye was trying to duck Briggs with. A shot at a belt, to enable him to try and get on a PPV model. Haye has already said when he gets a Heavyweight belt, he will make the fight with Briggs on PPV, However now the WBA have ordered Briggs to face Browne instead, providing he comes through this, I can see Briggs being extremely harsh and difficult with his negotiations moving forward. With Fury out for the foreseeable future, the Heavyweight division is up in arms. The only hope of saviour we have left is Luis Ortiz. However now he’s in Hearns stable, I can see some very careful and soft matchmaking for him to come, whilst he is the interim WBA Champion, why does it seem to be that everyone hanging around the WBA is pushing there 40’s. Browne V Briggs is not a fight we deserve to painfully watch. Not impressed 

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