KOVALEV – WARD! What is best for the sport?

Photo credit – Kovalev’s Instagram

It’s no secret that the fight of the year is fast creeping up on us, a super fight, a battle of the P4P’s and a real 50/50. They do not come by often in this sport, the best fighting the best seems to be something of a myth recently. I’m left wondering, who do I want do win? Who I think will win has no relevance, because this truly is 50/50, but who do I want to win …. Without a doubt, both fighters have cemented their legacy in the sport, but if Andre Ward is to win, would he sit on those titles and be inactive for a few years, could it be a run of title defences like his past fights? Ward without a doubt has places to go if he looses this fight, kovalev too. The man really does put KO in Kovalev, bringing back an old fashioned punishment approach in the ring, he is exactly the unified champion this sport needs. If he comes through this, there will almost certainly be a big fight ligned up with WBC Light Heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson, the same can’t be said for Andre Ward. Both bring excitement to the game, Ward I appreciate for his impeccable movement and ability, but Kovalev I appreciate for the brutality and the power. For these reasons, I hope to see Kovalev come through on top. Nevertheless I am happy with either result, it’s a breath of fresh air to see two of the best fighting each other. 

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