Whyte v Chisora – The social media fight 

Dillian Whyte will face Derek Chisora on the undercard of Joshua V Molina on December 10th in Manchester for the British Heavyweight Title. This fight will be promoted to be the bollocks, but highly likely it will end up an absolute stinker. The build up will be a media outlets dream, it will be electrifiying. It’s no secret the two have had a fued for a while now, with both voicing it over the social media accounts. Whyte has often referred to Chisora as a women beater, and the pair have had a scuffle earlier on in the year at a press conference. Chisora arguably being over the hill, and Whyte struggling to make it past European level at best, I can’t see this fight being a beautiful punch up. It will be big bombs, slow foot movement and probably a massive anti climax to what we will all see in the build up. I would have favoured Whyte previously, but due to his last two performances there is nothing to shout about, and Chisora has a chin, but not much else. I would say 50/50, but I think it’s whatever man runs out of gas first. 

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