Photo credit – Anthony Joshua’s Instagram

I find myself stuck on deciding wether I feel Joshua is good or bad for the sport. There is no question, the coverage and attention he has bought to British boxing, and boxing on the whole, cannot be questioned. However the price of £17.50 for a PPV against Dominic Breazeale or Dillian Whyte for a British title fight is conning the public. The longer the AJ hype train carries on full steam ahead, the longer the sport will be smothered with casuals, but casuals bring noise and the noise brings money. I think Joshua is cherry picking, it’s clear he makes the decision, not Hearn. He will get found out against a world class operator with decent head movement and a jab as his lateral movement is improving but his head movement is an accident waiting to blow. We still have not seen his chin tested and a right hand from Wladimir Klitschko would be my odds on favourite to cut the tree down. I do think he is good for the sport, I think it’s credible the job Hearn has done promoting him, but he’s had his run of poor match ups. If he doesn’t start to give the fans their money’s worth, I can see a Canelo situation, people starting to get fed up. For now, we should let him have his moment 

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