Photo Credit – Jessie Vargas Instagram

Jessie Vargas tonight challenges Manny Pacquiao for the WBO Welterweight Title. Vargas coming in at 5/1 with the bookies, is a big underdog and Pacquiao at 1/7 is a huge favourite. Bookmakers and boxing fans, myself included, are expecting Manny to do quite a convincing job tonight to become a world title holder again. Vargas’ only loss is at the hands of Timothy Bradley who was involved in a trilogy of fights against Pacquiao over the last couple of years, beating him once and loosing twice. For Vargas to come through a successful defence of his title tonight, would be impressive and unexpected but wouldn’t say massive things for the future of the Filipino legend. Of course not meaning the end, but pretty much pencilling out the chance of a Mayweather V Pacquiao rematch we are all definitely not hoping for. Tonight’s outcome aside, both men will leave with credit, I’m expecting a good fight, a wide unanimous Pacquiao points victory and a valiant effort from Vargas. Providing Vargas does come through his defence of the title, it could mean potential unification fights and trying to rekindle the talks with Kell Brook that fell through earlier on in the year. For the sake of exciting fights in the future, I’m fingers crossed for a Manny victory! 

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