Photo Credit – Manny Pacquiao’s Instagram

There has been rumor of recent that a mega fight could be on the horizon, a rematch of two all time greats. Mayweather and Pacquiao’s fight was and probably still will ever be the biggest fight in world boxing. It generated massive PPV numbers, breaking records and it also drew in huge ticket numbers, some upwards of $7,500 ringside. The fight which had been in the building for almost 7 years, could have been the biggest disappointment we will ever see in a fight of that magnitude. A unanimous points decision for Mayweather, which we all expected, was technically brilliant but visually boring. The skills shown in the ring on the night were still world class, but they did not match up to the hype we expected. Since Mayweather’s retirement, there has been various speculation around if he would come back to the ring, and who he would fight. Manny has just come off the back of a world title victory against Jessie Vargas claiming the WBO Welterweight Title. The calls for the rematch from the casual fan is dissaponting, yes it would generate the numbers and a glorious payday once again for both men, but I can’t help but think it will be another snooze fest. I think they are both open to the fight, Mayweather more so than Pacquiao as he probably sees flaws in the Filipino’s game. Let’s hope it’s not happening! 

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