Photo Credit – Matchroom Instagram 

Over the last 2 years, Anthony Crolla who is now the former WBA Lightweight Champion has given fans exactly what they want, what they deserve and what they are paid to do. After facing back to back dangerous opposition and providing the fans with enormous entertainment and bringing cracking atmospheres. 

The sport is at the moment hyped up to be this glamorous industry of world class fighters, which it is. But the politics and egos involved behind the scenes, often with promoters and managers, is putting a halt on some potential blockbuster events. The “high risk low reward” seems to be the general word throughout the division, if I’m not going to get paid more than I think I’m work to take the risk and fight, I won’t. 

Meaning the fans have been paying for average fights, that we shouldn’t even have to pay for, spending way over face value for tickets to a fight that shouldn’t frankly even be happening. Poor mismatching has become a thing of the norm, and it’s tiring to see a sport in turmoil over purse bids and agreements. 

The two main promoters in the UK, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom sports and Frank Warren of Boxnation are obviously not on great terms, making it really difficult to agree on some great domestic clashes throughout a lot of divisions. It’s a shame  to think about the fights we could have week in week out, if the game stopped being for the money, and for the passion of the sport.  

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