Photo Credit – Dillian Whyte Instagram

Dillian Whyte since suffering a big KO loss to Anthony Joshua for the British Heavyweight Title on December 12 last year, he has been rebuilding himself on the scene ever since in hope of getting himself a rematch. 

As memorable as the fight was, one the main talking points will always be in the second round when Whyte rocked Joshua for the first time in his professional career with a left hook flush on Joshua’s untested chin. Ever since then the two careers have not gone down the same path. 

One has risen to word level and captured a title in Anthony Joshua, and Whyte has just captured the British Title. Arguably Joshua’s opponents have still not been much better than Whyte’s, but Whyte’s have been pretty poor. His inability to get Dave Allen out and going the distance, and also not looking very good against a durable yet low level fighter in Ian Lewison has not showed us much of Whyte. 

He is due to fight on December 10th on the undercard of Joshua V Molina against Dereck Chisora in his first defence of his British Title. Another fight which will be great in the build up but probably will lack any elements of excitement in the ring. Putting all this into perspective, is Whyte making his chances of facing Joshua smaller and smaller by making himself less impressive, or does the fact Joshua got rocked by a fighter that is struggling at domestic level say more about his unknown ability to take a shot. 

Either way, it’s a guaranteed rematch eventually, it’s easy money for Matchroom and Joshua. It’s the entire reason Hearn took on Whyte, to try and build him up to give the rematch some demand. 

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