Photo Credit – Tyson Fury Instagram

In a career of set backs and being told you can’t do it, Tyson Fury is the prime example of someone who can beat the odds, and override something if you truly want it enough. We have all followed Fury’s career wether we liked it or not, it’s been hard to miss since it’s been put on blast for the last year. 

The approach Fury has when dealing with build up of his fights, simply cannot be matched. Unpredictable and often pushing the boundaries is what we love about him, you know he’s going to bring the entertainment. 

To go to Germany and beat the man who spent 10 years undefeated, bulldozing through any opposition put in front of him and quite frankly making the division a sleeper, Fury’s win over Wladimir Klitschko will always be a monumental moment for world boxing. 

The undefeated fighter captured the IBF, WBO and WBC Heavyweight Titles when he beat Klitschko in Düsseldorf last year. You could argue that this achievement is as good as it gets for a fighter, if not the best and most prestigious title for any sportsman. However after doing this Fury has come under massive criticism, abuse from the media and attacks from a lot of boxing critics. 

It’s a shame to see such a talent being put to waste, being the age Fury currently is, you could say he’s at the peak of his career and all this time out could stop Fury coming back the fighter he once was. For the sake of the division going back to humble men pretending it’s all friendly and not giving the fans value for money, we all wish Fury well and hope he makes a return. 

Gypsy, Eastern Europea, African or American, no race or heritage deserves the scrutiny he does when battling mental health. With good family around him, Fury should be able to come back and retain what was rightly once his. Not losing the belts in the ring, and being the lineal champion will always stand for something. 

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