Photo Credit – Matchrooms Instagram 

This weekend was hyped up to be a big weekend for boxing, however it did not deliver. We had the “monster” card in Monte Carlo featuring Martin Murray, Jamie McDonnell, Steven Smith and Luis Ortiz. Across the pond we also had Danny Garcia beat another bum. 

We’ll start off with Martin Murray’s 12 rounder to open kick the show off. Atmosphere pretty much non existent, he was in a scrap for the vacant WBA Continental Super Middleweight Title against undefeated Nigerian Nuhu Lawal. Lawal put in a good performance, a very strong valiant effort against Murray, who seemed to be getting fustrated early on at his inability to get his man out of there. The fight itself wasn’t too bad for entertainment purposes, mainly because I was hoping for an upset punch to come out of nowhere. Nevertheless, Murray came through to win a unanimous decision and move a step closer to working his way back up the ranks. 

Next we have Jamie McDonnell, who was absolutely beaten by challenger Liborio Solis for his WBA Regular Bantamweight Title, but luckily had the power of his promotional team behind him ensuring a big time robbery. One judge had the scorecards 117-111 to McDonnell which was a disgrace to Solis’ efforts. McDonnell looked beaten from the start, he seemed to have suffered a potential broken nose and a lot of swelling around the eyes making it a difficult nights work for him after massively underestimating his opponent. McDonnell was very lucky to come away with the win, on my card I had Solis by 3 rounds and I know I speak for the majority on this one.

Next we had Luis Ortiz V Malik Scott. Maybe the most embarrassing, boring and laughable effort from Scott however Credit cannot be granted to Ortiz as his failure to get Scott out of there did not go unnoticed. The fight went the distance, with the cards having it a washout for Ortiz, but it was far from an impressive win. There’s boxing on the back foot, and running away for 12 rounds which is exactly what Scott did. It was appalling, the fans were booing, commentators were laughing and you could see fustration from Ortiz and his corner more and more. Coming off the floor multiple times, and what seemed like a 14 count, Scott managed to take Ortiz the distance, and made him look sloppy whilst doing so. 

Our last fight of the card was Steven Smith V Jason Sosa for Sosa’s WBA Regular Super Featherweight Title. This fight redeemed some of the nightmare prior to this fight in Monaco. It was exciting and entertaining, a strong performance from both men but Swifty didn’t look in control from the start. A heavy gash to his right eye had the referee on edge, and since that it was a downhill battle for Smith. Coming off the floor in a debatable knockdown early in the fight, he managed to take it the distance despite his horrific eye cut, but lost on a unanimous decision, which was the right one. Credit to both fighters 

Across the pond we had Danny Garcia facing Samuel Vargas in a pointless tune up fight, there wasn’t much relevance and Garcia’s WBC Welterweight belt wasn’t on the line either. After dealing with him quite nicely and forcing the stoppage, he was joined in the ring by WBA champion Keith Thurman as the two came to verbal blows. This fight is now pencilled in for 2017 and seems to be a close one, although I’m hoping Thurman will fold Garcia like a deck chair. 

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