Photo Credit -Boxnation’s Instagram

With Boxnation announcing a blockbuster deal worth apparently £100 milion, it begs the question … Where is all the money going to go? Frank Warren already has a well established brand in Boxnation. A strong tv channel, a strong company and some very good domestic level fighters. All this taken into account, Boxnation have suffered a very painful 2017 and come up short against there rival and premier competitors in Matchroom Sports.

The backing of BT Sport is exactly what Warren and his boys needed. It seemed like Boxnation was edging closer to being doomed with the amount of pullouts and failed fights recently but with this financial impact behind them, the possibilities are endless. Criticism of Boxnation has always been there inability to give fighters the promotion and fights the coverage they deserve, however with BT on the scene that’s one of the biggest platforms in British TV you could have.

Frank has voiced his intentions of taking fighters from his rival Matchroom Sports and bringing them to his stable. Although nothing has been announced, it seems to be that David Haye has some agreement with Boxnation that has been under wraps for a while and is an  announcement in waiting.  Recently Warren really hasn’t been able to compete with Matchroom as they have stormed the British scene with the backing of the biggest UK provider in Sky Sports.

In regards to fans boxing wishlist for Boxnation, Billy Joe Saunders V Chris Eubank Jr rematch has got to be one of the top ones. This fight has seemed to difficult to make in the past and with the Eubanks up to their usual tricks by demanding more money, the fight has fallen short. Another opponent for Billy Joe Saunders on Boxnation will be bringing Gennady Golovkin over in a unification fight.

With the backing of a good promotional team, there is an obvious prospect in undefeated Light Heavyweight Fighter Anthony Yarde. Admittedly his level of opposition of yet has nothing of much significance, but he does look like he could bring some entertainment. You can just tell if he was in Hearn’s stable he would have been involved in some bigger matchups and an exciting road ahead.

Another talent in Warren’s stable is WBO Lightweight Champion Terry Flanagan. Flanagan has obviously not been matched greatly since winning his title belt and is really in need of a big fight to bring him back to the main stage. A fight with fellow Mancunian Anthony Crolla would be a big fight to bring home for the two of them, however a conflict of interest regarding what TV channel its on could be a stumbling block.

This is an exciting time for British boxing. With Matchroom being on top for so long now and not having much competition and having all the power, this is exactly what us fight fans needed in hope of some great domestic and world level fights.




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