Photo Credit – Matchroom’s Instagram

Since last Saturdays disappointing card in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Hearn has surprisingly come out and said he feels like he can make Monte Carlo the Las Vegas of Europe. We all know Las Vegas is the home of super fights. The MGM grand being a very prestigious and iconic venue,  it seems like Hearn and Matchroom sports could be trying to find their European equivalent.

Hearn has said the big players behind the card were very pleased with the shows performance and very pleased to have an event on Sky and HBO. The reaction from fans were far from similar, as a lot of people took to social media to scrutinize the event on its atmosphere, the card itself and some controversial decisions.

There is no denying that what Eddie Hearn is doing with Matchroom boxing over the last few years in the UK is second to none compared to other promoters, but making Monte Carlo the new Las Vegas is a big statement. Yes Monte Carlo is the playboys playground and a very classy, wealthy city, but with atmospheres like Sunday being in question, it would be a big risk to take.

The financial backing behind the card cost investors £3m. I’m unaware what return on this Matchroom would have got, however it may be a big time city and a flashy place to be but the reaction from fans was far from a success.

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