Photo Credit – Tom Loeffler’s Twitter

Boxings unified WBC, WBA & IBF Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin and his promoter Tom Loeffler of K2 promotions seem to be in lighthearted talks with Eddie Hearn over bringing Carl Froch out of retirement to face GGG in Wembley.

It started off as a joke on twitter with Loeffler saying hes in talks with Hearn about breaking the famous 80,000 record and bringing GGG over to the UK again. The pair were surprised from the reaction on social media and in turn,  it sparked minor talks between the two which have seemed to progress recently.

There was a lot of media attention a few years ago of GGG and Froch fighting in a super fight, however Froch took the route of retirement and has been criticized ever since after making comments about how Golovkin was too small and wouldn’t be able to deal with Froch’s power being a weight division up in Super Middleweight.

Since becoming one of the most feared men in the sport, Golovkin has found it hard to get match ups in his divison. His most recent fight, bringing Kell Brook up two weight divisions was not the hardest test GGG has faced. Because of this, GGG moving up to Super Middleweight is talk on a lot of peoples minds.

Froch ducking the fight two years ago when he was in great condition does not give us any confidence he will come out of retirement to face the Kazakh monster, but it would be a nice sight seeing him back in the ring.

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