Photo Credit – Boxnation Instagram 

Now the deal with BT sport has been finalised after being ongoing for almost a year behind the scenes, the plan for its 2017 launch is something very exciting for boxing fans if it lives up to Frank and his son George Warren’s expectations.

They have repeatedly commented on how they will be doing 30 live domestic shows, which if this is true, should be at least one every two weeks. As well as broadcasting other shows worldwide which they are notorious for doing and bringing in some of the biggest fights from across the pond. 

Regarding the 30 domestic shows, there’s a lot of question as to whether Frank Warren actually has a suitable stable of fighters that can warrant that amount of shows without there being a few shambles cards. The 30 domestic shows will tuck in nicely with Matchroom’s 20 shows planned for 2017 and with who’s coming from potentially Mick Hennessy and Barry Mcguigan, it looks to be a very busy year for British boxing next year. 

Warren has also admitted his frustration with Boxnation over the last few years and also the struggles he’s faced, such as lack of fighters and exposure on a bigger platform. He’s said in interviews that he is already looking at fighters from rival stables and has already been in contact with a few over the last few days that should be in talks over the next few weeks. 

The official launch news for Boxnation and BT Sport in 2017 will be coming within the next 2 weeks, some exciting stuff ahead hopefully! 

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