Photo Credit – Conor McGregor Instagram

This fight could not possibly be good for the sport. Asking Mayweather and McGregor to fight is like asking a Andy Murray to play  Cristiano Ronaldo in a tennis match. Yes its both a combat spot, but they are on other ends of the spectrum. The fight in a boxing match is a guaranteed Mayweather win and a the fight in a octagon would be a guaranteed McGregor win. FACT!

Some of us want Mayweather to return, and some of us dont, but for certain none of us want him to come back for a final mega payday and box on the defence and have a snooze fest with someone like he spent most of his final years doing. No taking away from the guy that his skills in the ring were second to none and beautiful to watch, but if he plans to return and face Pacquiao or Mcgregor, I would prefer him stay retired.

Mcgregor has just beaten UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez to make history and become UFC’s first two weight world champion. There is never any question of Mcgregor’s opponents as he always dares to be great, and more than not is always involved in interesting fights and a very good build up. He is notorious for knocking people out and less fights coming by way of submission, however his ability to box on the front foot against someone of the skill level that Mayweather possesses, will not be an enjoyable watch.

If a fight was to be made between the two of them, the build up and the trash talk would be magical but trying to get Mcgregor to fight under Mayweathers terms will be a promoters nightmare. There will be all sorts of hurdles to jump over regarding contracts and demands as no one in the UFC game bullies McGregor around. It would be a massive disappointment if the two were ever to get in the ring, and I think its best left as a thought.

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