Photo Credit – Eddie Hearn Instagram

At the start of the year, Eddie Hearn of Matchroom Sports had said on various interviews that him and Floyd Mayweather of Mayweather Promotions had come to an agreement to hold numerous shows in the UK involving Matchroom stable fighters, against Mayweather Promotion fighters.

This appeared to be a done deal and it was just a matter of time before the two were going to start cross promoting shows and bringing them to the UK. Floyd had even said he was considering applying for a promotional licence from the British Boxing Board Of Control. Mayweather has built a stable of some very promising fighters that would be easily matched by some of the fighters in the Matchroom stable however we have seen nothing of the kind in the UK and Matchroom fighters still seemed to be faced against very carefully picked opposition.

Now with BT sport and Boxnation in the mix, Hearn will probably feel a little bit threatened by what could potentially happen next year with Boxnation having as good a platform media outlet in BT and having the financial backing to promote some great shows and sign some great fighters that may not be getting enough exposure in Hearn’s busy stable of fighters. This would be an ideal opportunity for him to reach out to Mayweather again and try and finalize this deal and ensure he is putting on as much good viewing as he can now the competition is hotting up across the UK boxing scene.

The plan was supposed to be some sort of competition with the two stables with a large prize money up for grabs that would be split between all the fighters from the winning stable.. But once again, no sign of that ever happening!

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