Photo Credit – Newsuk Website

Since loosing to Anthony Crolla for the WBA Lightweight Championship, Venezuelan Ismael Barroso has been very quiet about a return to boxing but has now voiced his opinions on his first professional lost and where he wants to go in the future.

Barroso came into the fight a favourite with the bookmakers, boasting a record of 19 wins, 2 draws and 18 wins by knockout. He was almost sure to knock Crolla out and came into the fight looking strong and almost untouchable. He put the pressure on from the first round delivering blows to Crolla whilst he soaked them up and offered very little back. Crolla waited for his moment and caught Barroso on an empty tank giving him his first professional defeat with a 7th round stoppage.

Barroso is looking to get another fight before the end of the year, but time is getting on now and 2017 seems more reasonable. The dream to be champion is still there and he is eyeing up a title fight next year, also hopeful of the Crolla rematch to right his wrongs. Suffering your first professional loss is always a demon in your closet as a fighter and a chance to put that right against Crolla is something Barroso feels he must do. Barroso was ahead on the judges scorecards at the time of the stoppage and probably feels if he paced himself better and didn’t come on too aggressive, he probably could have snatched the title away from the Mancunian.

Crolla went on to loose the title later in the year to fellow Venezuelan Jorge Linares and when asked whether that could be a fight for Barroso, he said he would leave it up to his promoters. Barroso is 33 years old, so hes not exactly young but that being said, he definitely isnt a seasoned fighter at all. Despite that knockout against Crolla, he looked devastating leading up to that and gave Kevin Mitchell a real punishment in his first UK debut. He is a very exciting fighter to watch and we hope to see his return soon! I cant see him being the sort of fighter anyone will take as a voluntary challenger as hes dangerous so a few fights working himself back up into a mandatory position is probably on agenda.

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