Photo Credit – Dillian Whyte Instagram

In another media exploited attempt to promote this fight, the British Board of Boxing Control have ordered Matchroom to keep these two fighters apart until fight night after the recent antics whilst recording their “Gloves are off” earler this month. This will have Hearn rubbing his hands as its another way to bring attention to the two loud both boxers battling on December 10th.

Whilst recording “The Gloves are off” earlier this month, the two were separated after Chisora chucked a glass of water over Whyte whilst referring to him as a donkey and a goat. Whyte reacting badly and security were forced to intervene and pull them both apart whilst they were trying to get to each other screaming and swearing. They have openly abused each other back and forward via social media for a while now with Whyte often referring to Chisora as a women beater and a bum.

They fight on the undercard of Anthony Joshua v Eric Molina in three weeks time for the British Heavyweight Title which Whyte won by forcing the stoppage against Ian Lewison earlier this year for the vacant belt. The fight with Chisora seemed difficult to agree terms as what seemed to be Chisora out pricing himself and asking for more than what he is due.

The fight is expected to be absolute gold dust in the build up, If they are able to meet face to face before the fight again its sure to grab lots of attention. Lets just hope the fighting inside the ring will match it! I’m not holding my breath.

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