Photo Credit – Lucas Browne Instagram

With his fight against Shannon Briggs for the WBA Regular Heavyweight Championship, undefeated Australian Lucas Browne has failed a second drugs test in 2016. Unaware if the fight will go ahead or not as its still up in arms, I do feel like he should be banned from the sport, however it Bermane Stiverne is still allowed to go ahead with his fight against Povetkin after failing a test, they need some consistency.

Browne won the WBA Regular title against Ruslan Chagaev earlier this year after coming back from a knockdown, and forcing the stoppage over in Russia to become the first Australian heavyweight in history. Shortly after this fight, it came out that Browne had failed a drugs test, but it was later overturned judging that there is no way Browne could have known he had done it, and it was simply an accident. Browne claims it would have been the Russian’s putting something in his drink to purposely make him fail a drugs test, an accusation that is often thrown around.

Since the decision was over turned and Browne filed a lawsuit against the WBA, he has earned his status back and was set to take on 44 year old Shannon Briggs sometime in the near future, but now hes failed another test, I can see the governing bodies coming down quite harshly on him. The strange thing about this is, hes fighting under the WBA, but enrolled voluntarily for the WBC drugs test which he then failed. Seems a bit silly to voluntarily enroll for something you are going to fail, Browne and his promoter Ricky Hatton are yet to comment.


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