Photo Credit – Shannon Briggs Instagram

With Lucas Browne failing his second drugs test of 2016, his fight with Shannon Briggs for the WBA Regular Heavyweight Title seems to be up in arms and Luis Ortiz’s new promoter Eddie Hearn says he fancies making that fight between Ortiz and Briggs for what would then be the vacant title.

After Ortiz’s poor performance against and abysmal Malik Scott earlier this month in Monaco, Hearn needs to stick Ortiz in with someone of high status if he is to lead him on a collision course with Anthony Joshua in the future. Ortiz definitely is a dangerous fighter and his scrap with Scott does not reflect his ability at all, a poor clash of styles made for a horrific watch, but Ortiz still has a lot to give. If the two were to fight it could possibly be one of the highest combined ages in a heavyweight title bout, with Ortiz being 37 and Briggs being 44.

Briggs’ last fight was on the undercard of David Haye’s second fight since his return to boxing, and it was against a complete journeyman. The fight was a shambles, and Briggs got his opponent out of there in 2 rounds. That being said, the guy definitely has a tough chin! His boxing career was almost over when he was put in hospital with broken eye sockets and a bleed to the brain after suffering a slaughtering at the hands of Vitali Klitschko years back and credit where credits due, he never quit.

Ortiz has made progress in the WBA rankings and a fight between the two should be easily made, with the undefeated Cuban to come in the favourite. He is 37 but he still looks fresh and extremely dangerous but its hard to see what Briggs will have left in the tank after all these years, a former world champion from over a decade ago, he may of just run his cause. But on a more positive note, Briggs suffered with depression and ballooned up to 300lbs at the height of his depression, and says that getting back into boxing was what has kept him alive and off the drink and drugs, so if this is what he needs to keep himself on a good road, so be it.

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