Photo Credit – Liborio Solis Instagram

Two weeks ago in Monaco on the undercard of Luis Ortiz v Malik Scott, Liborio Solis tried to snatch Jamie Mcdonnell’s WBA Bantamweight Title away from him. Solis was the aggressor in the fight and handed Mcdonnell what looked to be a broken nose and damage to his eye socket. After an impressive performance on away soil, shockingly it was a unanimous decision in favour of the champion Jamie Mcdonnell, with one of the cards being 117-111.

The word robbery is thrown around many times when fans don’t like the outcome of the fight or aren’t pleased with the winner, but this simply was nothing else other than a robbery. Solis’ performance trumped Mcdonnell’s by a long shot, It was clear to see Mcdonnell’s trainer Dave Coldwell was starting to panic in between rounds with his corner work becoming more stressful and reiterating the fact he needs a knock down and to come on very strong otherwise hes not leaving with his title.

To make things worse, the crowd booed completely when the scores were read out, and Mcdonnell took to the microphone afterwards very smug, saying he doesn’t understand why people thought he lost, he felt he had done enough in a very convincing performance. It was clear that Mcdonnell had lost and the scorecards did not give Solis the credit he put in that night. A loss on a judges card was harsh, but 117-111 was absolutely disgusting. Funnily enough it was the same judge that scored it 97-93 for Maurice Hooker in his shocking draw against Darleys Perez.

This fight has been appealed by Solis and the WBA will be looking into this, to see if Mcdonnell should give Solis an immediate rematch and the opportunity to win the title he was cheated out of. Its a shame the scorecards damaged an already poor evening, making it less likely for fighters to come over and fight on Matchroom cards. With scorecards like that, it wasn’t even worth Solis turning up, he was doomed from the start.

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