Photo Credit – Telegraph Website

With Floyd Mayweather retired, and Pacquiao at a ripe age of 37, the two biggest names in the most recent era of boxing are looking to be coming to and end. We had the Klitschko brothers reign of terror, Miguel Cotto and the Welterweight glamour division, the list could go on. The names to take over the sport can’t give the same excitement we once had.

There are a few names that seem to be blossoming into kings of the sport. Undefeated American Welterweight Errol Spence Jr seems to be one of the men to take the 147lbs with storm, we have another undefeated American in Super Lightweight WBC & WBO, Lineal and Ring champion Terence Crawford and another American undefeated unified Light Heavyweight Champion Andre Ward are all flying the American Flag high. 

Roman Gonzalez and Vasyl Lomachenko are two of the little men that are pumping brilliance back into the sport and the face of boxing Canelo Alvarez being the biggest draw worldwide and Sergey Kovalev bringing old school fighting back, there is a lot of potential, but there seems to be something missing? I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t know if you realise how good a generation of fighters or an era of boxing is, until it’s gone and you are remeniscing on it, or are we just a stage of average world boxing at the moment?

There’s no argument Anthony Joshua is bringing big exposure to boxing in the last two years, his resume questionable and his talent still unknown, but he’s a very promising prospect that is being built up into the richest fighter currently in the sport. When you think back of the decades gone by, there is always fighters that jump out at you, memorable fights and historical events… but nothing reaches out to me. It could be a lack of matchmaking being made and promoters keeping their fighters safe, it could be political issues I don’t know. But we are in desperate need of some big fighters to get the ball rolling. 

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