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2015 saw the biggest and most expensive boxing match in history, and probably will be the biggest we will ever see. Undefeated pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather faced Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao in boxing’s most highly demanded fight. It had been six years in the making and it ended up how we all suspected, boring and a unanimous decision victory for Mayweather.

After the fight Mayweather went on to face Andre Berto with another unanimous victory win and retired with a record of 49-0-0 (26ko’s). Since then his name has been thrown around relentlessly with calls for fighters such as Amir Khan, a awful idea of a match with UFC two weight world champion Conor McGregor and a rematch with Manny Pacquiao. When the fight took place, Pacquiao agreed to take the fight despite hiding the fact he had a shoulder injury, which in its self is a very disrespectful thing to do considering how much money fans had paid in pay per view money, and the thousands of pounds it cost to be in the arena that night.

Pacquiao has since been in fights that haven’t bought much excitement, and the purses have nowhere near come close. Manny did have a short lived retirement lasting all of a few months but is now calling Mayweather out of his to make the money rematch. Since capturing another world title against Jessie Vargas last month for the WBO Welterweight Title, Pacquiao now feels hes back in the mix with something of relevance to Mayweather, and feels this may tempt him back. Retiring with an undefeated perfect record of 49-0-0 suggests Mayweather will be hovering around for one last fight to hit the big 50. Time isn’t on his side as he is 39 now, although he didn’t look like slowing down at all in the latter stages of his career.

Pacquiao now feels that his shoulder is 100% and if the two were to face off again he would win without question. Manny has not stopped an opponent in over 6 years since he stopped Miguel Cotto in 2009, so the chances of him stopping Floyd would be very very slim meaning his only probable chance of victory would be on points, another near impossible task against money Mayweather who has Vegas on his side. I feel that Pacquiao is chasing that one big last money fight and will settle into retirement after hes got it, but the rematch is not the fight we all want to see. There are options for Pacquiao for exciting fights, various fighters such as unified Light Welterweight champion Terence Crawford,  Amir Khan and maybe even a matchup against WBO Light Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez. The list could go on for ages for Manny, with Kell Brook eager to jump in and his the big time purse hes been searching for and Kell’s mandatory challenger Errol Spence Jr being a future star in the making.

With all these in question, a rematch against Mayweather would be very disappointing for the fans as the outcome would be the same, the price to pay would be the same, and it would show nothing different in terms of the fighters career’s. Mayweather still claims he is happy in retirement but would only come back for a $100,000,000 payday. If that is the only option for Mayweather, I would rather him stay retired.

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