Photo Credit – Frank Bruno’s Instagram

Frank Bruno is a British former WBC Heavyweight Champion. He boasted a record of 40-5 (38ko’s) and retired in 1996 after loosing his belt in his first title defence against Mike Tyson. A very liked character in the eyes of the British public and a very good boxer, however Frank Bruno’s toughest fight of his life, has been against his bipolar disorder.

He turned professional in 1982 and won his first 21 fights by knockout. He was a star in the making and a very like-able character. He was often criticized outside of the ring by black people for his media portrayed personality and his tendency to be involved in TV adverts and other platforms which weren’t always approved of. Bruno won the world title he had been craving on his fourth attempt, his first was a knockout loss against Tim Witherspoon.
Going into the fight, Witherspoon was known as a dirty fighter and a loud mouth character, and Bruno was still a youngster. Bruno was up on the cards and was looking solid if he could hold out a few more rounds, however seemed to gas out his tank in the eleventh round and suffered his second professional loss, and second loss by knockout. He went on to face Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis and come up short suffering a knockout in both. He won by unanimous decision against Oliver McCall on his last attempt at a world title and claimed the WBC Heavyweight belt at the Wembley Stadium.
Immediately after winning the belt he went on to loose it by knockout in the third round to Mike Tyson at the MGM Grand on March 16 1996. His close friend, and fellow former World Champion Nigel Benn said that leading up to the fight and in the dressing room, Bruno seemed calm and composed and was ready to fight. However when it was time to ring walk and leave the dressing room, his face had changed. Looking like a defeated man before he even got in the ring, Bruno went into the fight with no confidence and was trying to survive as long as possible, his mother was too worried to turn up to the fight as she suspected the end of the road for Frank, and instead waited in the hotel till the fight was over. He was a young man who had all the money he could have possibly dreamed of and just prior to his breakdown in 2003 he was surrounded by the wrong sort of people who didn’t help, as parties of people were said to be gathering at his house and taking advantage of him.

These influences weren’t best for Bruno, but who could tell him any different. No one being able to get into Bruno’s head and help him, he was admitted to a ward for help.
Bruno says sometimes he feels like superman, and sometimes he feels like the bottom of the earth. Frank said one of his main struggles was living the life of a champion boxer was that he found it hard to adjust when its all gone and needs to stay in the gym to keep the demons from coming back. He went on TV to say about how he has dealt with his troubles and feels like he’s in the best shape he’s been in for years. The British boxing board of control denied him the opportunity to box again after applying for a licence again.Frank now tours the UK speaking to young and old audiences about his life in the boxing ring, his mental Health problems and his varied life. He recently undertook a tour to Singapore speaking to the Expats and has been invited to Thailand next year. Bruno now has some structure to his life with a PA and an agent both looking out for him. His web site and social media lets his fans new and old what he is doing week to week. These is talk of a film and another book for 2017. In November he lost his mum who was always his rock and the only person he say he was really scared of. Any info merchandise, bookings or interact with frank on social media. Frank is an inspiration to many, and many thanks to Frank’s PA for for allowing me to create a legitimate article to pay homage to the legend.

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