Photo Credit – Top Rank Boxing 

In last nights highly anticipated main event, we were left puzzled, disappointed and even insulted as boxing fans as undefeated Jamaican fighter and former WBA Super Featherweight Champion Nicholas Walters refused to fight after the end of the seventh round and suffered his first professional loss by way of TKO. 
On my card I had it 7-0 Lomachenko, however Walters could have had one round at the most, but it was a clear dominant performance and Walters became frustrated with the incredibly tricky footwork of Lomachenko and his frustration shone through as he was unable to adapt to the game plan Lomachenko had and in turn his jab was near on non-existent. 

Walters had said going into the fight that he was becoming bored of the sport, and you can see his heart wasn’t in it. In the post fight interview he claimed “my corner pulled me out” but you could clearly see his corner were embarrassed and tried to stop him, but he uttered the words himself “I don’t want to carry on” which is an insult to traveling fans and people paying money to see the fight. 

Walters’ purse is said to be around the $300,000 mark but endorsements and other contractual agreements aparrently saying he has a gaurantee of $500,000 however I’m not sure how much of it he will be entitled to after that performance. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was cashing himself out of the sport and may be retiring. Never the less the performance from Lomachenko was nothing to take away, was a brilliant show of ability and he is definitely working himself into the top 10 pound for pound fighters in the world, and certainly the king of the Super Featherweight division. 

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