Photo Credit – Sky Sports

With the big mismatch pay per view event coming on the 4th March 2017 between Tony Bellew and David Haye, we look ahead to the possible outcomes, if there is more than one, the rumors circling around about ‘that sparring session’ and where each man goes if victorious.

The two have been talking a good game ever since Bellew evaporated a poorly conditioned BJ Flores in the early stages of the fight, and Bellew flew over to the ring and tried to get to David Haye, kicking one of the advertisement boards and causing a big strop. It was like seeing the naughty kid at school trying to beat someone up for talking to his girlfriend, It really was all for show. Bellew took to the microphone and publicly ripped into Haye, mistaking him for Sideshow Bob and calling him Spongebob. Haye stayed calm, and ever since the two have been having a war of words on social media but the deal has been finalized through a co-promotion of Matchroom Sports and Hayemaker Promotions, the two will also meet this week for the press conference.

This will not be the first time the pair have come face to face, as years back the two met in sparring. Bellew now is saying how Haye was shocked at Bellew’s ability to adapt to different situations and was able to handle all that Haye threw no problems, however a tweet below from 2014 says he might not be letting it all on ..

Bellew seems to think he has this one in the bag, and if successful will be going on to challenge Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko or Deontay Wilder. Not forgetting Bellew couldn’t handle the power of WBC Light Heavyweight, Adonis Stevenson when he was stopped, facing David Haye or the other men hes mentioned are a very dangerous move for someone who hasn’t fought anyone of that level before. You could argue that Illunga Makabu was a hard hitter, but the only time Makabu got a clean hit, Bellew went down. However taking nothing away from him because on the night he blitzed straight though Makabu, but David Haye is a different kettle of fish.

If Bellew can upset the odds, with Haye coming in at a 1/6 favourite, there is no question he has proved himself to be up there with the big dogs as despite Haye’s questionable class of opponents since his return to the ring, hes still one of the top dogs in the division. However if he looses I’m not sure yet whether he will drop back down to defend his WBC Cruiserweight title as he might get stripped yet for not facing his mandatory challenger Mairis Breidis , although Hearn has requested they allow him the fight in between.

If Haye were to loose the fight against Bellew, that would be a massive shock upset and would be very damaging for the future of David’s last remaning years. He is certainly not a voluntary challenger that anyone would opt to have, and a loss against Bellew would be an ideal way of a promoter worming his way out of the fight. Nevertheless Haye is expected to come through the quite easily, and providing he does I’m sure he will be quick to call out the big dogs in the division. Overall this does make for an exciting fight, its certainly not going the distance and while it lasts, it should be a lot of fun to watch.

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