Photo Credit – Chris Eubank Jr Instagram

Earlier on this year Nick Blackwell lost his British Middleweight Title at the hands of Chris Eubank Jr. This fight turned out to be one of the more memorable nights in 2016 as Blackwell ended up in a coma with a bleed on the brain and his boxing career over in a heartbeat.

Blackwell entered the ring accompanied by Tyson Fury and the only man to beat Eubank Jr, Billy Joe Saunders. Saunders and Eubank Jr is massive bad blood as their is big hatred between the two, but the desire to see Chris Eubank Jr loose was so high, that Saunders, Fury and Blackwell’s promoter Mick Hennessy cared more about that than the welfare of their fighter as even after he looked battered and bruised, they were still on the ring apron screaming at him and pushing the fight on. Blackwell’s eye was a mess, and the ref waved off the fight after the doctors orders late on and Blackwell collapsed in the corner of the ring, and was rushed to hospital where he was placed in an induced coma.

After a week of being on hospital, Blackwell started coming round and looked to have no long lasting damage. His recovery was going well but he was told he will never be able to box again, and in turn his brother also retired from boxing after the scare the family suffered. However this didn’t stop Blackwell as this weekend we heard he had been back in Hospital for surgery to treat swelling on the brain as Blackwell had been sparring, even though he knew he could never take damage to his head again. Its unsure what gym this was at or who the fighter was, but the British Boxing Board of Control appear to be investigating it. Blackwell is in a stable condition, but it just emphasizes the damage he underwent that night, and shows how dangerous the sport can be.

Photo Credit – The Mirror

His former trainer Gary Lockett commented on the situation saying he cant believe Blackwell could be so stupid as to risk his life again after having a second chance. Blackwell did ask him if he would train him again and Lockett apparently turned him down very sharply, to which Blackwell said he wouldn’t try and fight again if Lockett wasn’t in his corner. After having his licence taken away by the British Boxing Board of Control, rumor had it that Blackwell was going to try and apply with the Irish board, however that has not been confirmed.

This further shows the evidence of the damage that had been inflicted that horrible night, and you have to have sympathy for him, however it does question why would he take that risk? We wish him a speedy recovery.


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