Photo Credit – Tyson Furys Instagram

Exactly a year ago to the day, Tyson Fury rocked up in Dusseldorf  a 10/1 underdog in Wladimir Klitschko’s back yard and danced around the ring to a historic and beautiful victory. He celebrated by singing Aerosmith to his wife Paris Fury and shared the ring with his Gypsy family as they all stood emotional in disbelief at what had really happened. Since gaining the most prestigious title in sport, ‘The Heavyweight Champion Of The World’ Fury has had nothing but misery and disappointment.

Immediately after returning from Germany, Tyson had put himself in the spotlight of the media and was crushed on his comments regarding females and gay people. Being an extremely controversial figure in boxing, he was the first man to bring back light to a dark division that had been ruled by Klitschko for over 10 years, and now we had a new prodigy. The outspoken Gypsy king was exactly what the sport needed, someone who would get people talking, but the talking soon got too much for Tyson.

He was scheduled in for an immediate rematch with Wladimir to ensure he wouldn’t be stripped of his belts, and by taking his rematch he had been stripped of his IBF belt which later was collected by Charles Martin. The rematch with Klitschko always seemed a little bit distant as Fury had started to pile on the pounds again and was very open and not shy of hiding the timber he had accumulated. Looking out of shape and unhappy, Fury turned up to the first press conference and detailed how he was not happy with the sport and hopes to retire after the rematch, followed by taking his top off and showing everyone the belly of the champion.

The fight had been delayed as in the summer Fury said he had a bad ankle injury that stopped him training. Despite this ankle injury, he was seen out in France for the Euro Football Championship where there was videos of him dancing around, buying shots and enjoying the time away with the fans, looking far from a world champion training for his first defence of his title belts. Whilst this entire saga was going on, fans were becoming increasingly frustrated with Fury as they had paid money for the first scheduled rematch in Manchester, also loosing out on hotel bookings. To add to the controversy, Fury then failed a drugs test along side cousin Hughie Fury which was later ruled that Hughie had failed due to some medication he was taking to help with his skin disease.

Later on in the year, Fury had not turned up to the press conference put in place for the second scheduled rematch saying he felt ill, which immediately bought negative opinions. Fury then made vocal about his battle with depression and how he was feeling like he didn’t want to be alive anymore, and certainly didn’t want to box anymore. He then admitted he was using Cocaine and drinking heavily to help with his depression and decided to seek help. As part of his admission, the British Boxing Board of Control took away Fury’s boxing licence and stripped him of his belts. Working his entire life to become the best fighter in the world, and it being gone within a year. You have to feel for Tyson despite some of the silly things he’s said.

He has been pictured recently on holiday in Tenerife looking larger than life and largely overweight. He says hes in a good place and is enjoying his retirement with his friends and his family, but when the money drys up eventually it would definitely be exciting to see him get back in the ring, as the belts may have gone, but they never were lost in the ring. We stay hopeful for his return.


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