Photo Credit – (Twitter @Danny17Garcia)

Last night saw some magic on twitter, Eric Bristow having a controversial outburst, and undefeated Cuban genius WBA Bantamweight Champion and Lineal Champion Guillermo Rigondeaux call out Vasyl Lomachenko in one could possibly be the most technically beautiful clash of styles we will see.

Both ruled the amateur scene, with Lomachenko ending on 396-1 and Rigo ending on 475-12, both superb. Both of these fighters are world champions in their class’s and the kings of their divisions. A fight between the two has long been talked about with them both turning professional, however Rigo fights at Super Bantamweight, and Lomachenko fighting at Super Featherweight, with talks he will move up to Lightweight.  Despite being two weight classes apart, in the lower weights its not a huge difference between them and a catch weight would probably be easily agreed.

However the big stumbling block in the way of both fighters is Lomachenko’s promoter and head of Top Rank Bob Arum. Rigo also took to twitter last night to publicly call out Arum and criticize his lack of  praise for fighters not in his stable, and Arum never really forgave Rigo for the performance he gave against Arum’s pound for pound contender and former champion Nonito Donaire. Rigo boxed a beautiful fight and dominated the performance in what was a gifted match up.

Arum has commented on the fight saying he thinks its a Sh*t fight and will be a snooze fest as he is criticized for being a safety fighter. Its obvious Arum doesn’t want to take the fight after what Rigo done to Donaire and he doesn’t wan’t anything risking his new super star.

Photo Credit – Rigondeaux’s Instagram

The last time we saw Rigondeaux on British soil he faced challenger Jazza Dickens, and within the first couple of rounds in the fight, forced Dickens to retire in his corner after suffering a broken jaw from a devastating punch. The fight had to be scheduled as there was difficulty granting Rigo a visa to come to the UK.

Seeing as Arum’s promoter seems quite stuck on the idea the fight wont happen, there is a slim chance but if Rigo chases him enough, theres no running from the unbeaten Cuban. A match up between the two really would be unmissable.

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