Photo Credit – Sergey Kovalev Instagram

The pay per view numbers have been revealed between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward and they have said to be shy of 160,000 buys which is extremely poor considering the magnitude of the fight and both of them being in the top 5 pound for pound rankings.

With those numbers being revealed, it could mean the rematch might not be on a pay per view platform. Many fans watching the fight felt Kovalev had done enough to win and retain his belts, but Ward won by unanimous decision in a very controversial outcome which had fans split down the middle. It was a very close fight with Ward coming off the canvas to defeat the undefeated Russian, however there certainly wasn’t any certainty in the fight. With that in question its doubtful that fans will want to pay for this again but it would cause massive issues with Ward’s purse as he has regularly been promised guarantees in the millions.

Its not quite clear why the numbers of the pay per view buys were so low considering the fighters involved and the rewards at stake. A fight of that magnitude should be been blown out the water but Sergey Kovalev’s promoter Main Events and Ward’s promoter Roc Nation weren’t able to pull it off. If the rematch was not to be on pay per view, It would make sense sticking it on the undercard of a Golovkin fight or a big fight in the states to warrant it being a pay per event, but as a main headliner, I think the numbers would mirror the first fight should the rematch be on the same platform.

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