Photo Credit – (The Daily Star)

Its been twelve days since George Groves and Eduard Gutknecht faced each other and Gutknecht has not come out of his coma. Groves won by unanimous decision, however it did look the fight should have been stopped two or three rounds earlier.

Gutknecht suffered a busted eye, which seemed to give him trouble but the referee allowed the fight to carry on. Once getting back to the changing room, Gutknecht collapsed and was rushed to hospital, the same in which Nick Blackwell attended the night of his last ever fight with Chris Eubank Jr. Gutknecht needed resuscitating in the back of the ambulance and was drifting in and out of consciousness.

It was a fight with no bad blood, and a very competitive effort despite the unanimous decision loss, Gutknecht was a very durable opponent and was maybe to strong for his own good. Groves has now launched an appeal to raise money for the family of Gutknecht so they can be be with him in his time of need.

You can donate to the cause here –

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