Photo Credit – (@kubratpulev)

Last night in Bulgaria saw Samuel Peter refuse to return to fight after the end of the third round. Out of his depth and frustrated all night, it was a pretty poor main event for the Bulgarians. 

Pulev picked up the vacant WBA Intercontinental Heavyweight belt, which doesn’t really mean a lot as the amount of WBA belts we have flying around each division is starting to make them become worthless. Nevertheless Pulev is still a big draw in Bulgaria as he drew a big atmosphere and seemed to fill out a big arena. 

Photo Credit – (@kubratpulev)

Peter came in the massive underdog aged 36 and very overweight, and his level of fitness showed from the start. He became frustrated early on as he repeatedly was eating jabs early on, and nothing he seemed to throw was landing where he wanted it too. Pulev was not in a spot of bother all night and probably had harder sparring sessions leading up to this fight, but that doesn’t mean to credit him for his choice of opponent. 

Pulev was the favourite to face Anthony Joshua earlier this year and was reported to have been offered around £800,000 which is a payday he won’t be receiving again. He turned it down and being European champion, logically your next step is to move up in class and fight on the world scene, instead of picked Peter. 

Not a poor performance from Pulev, but a poor fight and poor choice of opponent. Time isn’t on his side and if he is going to start picking opponents like this going forward, he will fade away from the in the mix, if he hasn’t already.  

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