Photo Credit – (@skysports)

With the mega fight between the two seeming like it fell through in the last two months, both fighters promoters have come together and announced the deal has been made and the fight has been agreed with contracts being in place. The last stumbling block is deciding on what stadium it will be at.

The two in question are the millennium stadium and Wembley stadium, both large outdoor venues but they have both said they are hoping for Wembley as its the most famous stadium in the world.

The fight date is the 29th April 2017 and providing Joshua comes through Eric Molina on Saturday night, there will be no reason why the fight wont go ahead.

Photo Credit – (@anthony_joshua)

Klitschko will be ringside this weekend and is said to be part of the Sky commentary team that will be covering the fight, looking on with very eager eyes as this will be the next man to face the Ukrainian legend!

When the pair face in April the IBF title will be on the line and the vacant WBA heavyweight title will also be on the line since being taken away from Tyson Fury, the man who took it away from Klitschko last November. A fight at Wembley between these two would certainly be as big of a deal as the 80,000 famous fans that saw Froch v Groves, at Wembley, in front of 80,000 fans, at Wembley, as Froch so kindly reminds us every time he speaks.

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