Photo Credit -(@mickconlan11)

Rio 2016 saw an upsetting Olympic games for some and heartbreak was dealt in the sport of boxing as all 36 referees and judges used in the games had been suspended on the suspicion of corruption.

One of the more memorable robberies was Michael Conlan who suffered a loss to Vladimir Nikitin after spending the entire fight dominating him and putting on the pressure from the off. When the verdict was given Conlan gave the officials the middle finger and rightly so.

The procedure to be put in place going forward is said to be in the way of technology picking out the judges selected for each fight at random, ensuring no fixing as no one will know who will be picking up the fight.

Usually there is three scorecards given at the end of the fight but now there will be five and previously the rounds used to be scored and announced straight away , this will now stop and will be revealed at the end of the bout.

Photo Credit – (@jobeyone1)

Joe Joyce won the silver medal in the super heavyweight division after loosing another controversial decision against Frenchman Tony Yoka. There were quite a few to name this Olympics and it really tarnishes the sport and the hopes of people trying to make their way through the amateur game in the future.

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