Photo Credit – (@saundersbillyjoe)

Billy Joe Saunders returned to the ring last Saturday to make the first defence of his WBO Middleweight Title, he came through victorious but looked absolutely shocking in doing so. So shocking that Golden Boy CEO Oscar De La Hoya has cut Saunders’ offer right in half.

Saunders is no stranger to negotiation problems and has already seemed to stall over a deal with Canelo previously, but since this has been revealed I cant see the fight happening any time soon.

De La Hoya has said that Canelo is the man and if Saunders wants the fight then they will have to renegotiate as the previous offer completely does not stand. However in Saunders’ eyes he is the champion, and if the fight goes to purse bids, which it probably will if Saunders’ wont accept the offer, I can see Golden Boy Promotions walking from the deal.

Billy Joe has stated that he only wants to be in the big fights now and after his next two mandatory’s that the WBO have ordered him to have due to inactivity, his future fights should be big. With Canelo probably not being likely, either a showdown with Golovkin would be possible but I think more people would prefer to see him rematch Chris Eubank Jr.

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