Photo Credit – (@robbiedaviesjr)

The Fight Diary had the chance to interview undefeated Super Lightweight prospect and WBA Continental Super Lightweight Champion Robbie Davies Jr 14-0-0 (10ko’s)

1. Thanks for your time Robbie! What was your inspiration for becoming a professional boxer Robbie and what point in your amateur career did you realise you wanted to make it on the pro scene?

“Inspiration for me would be my mum and dad. They never pushed me in to boxing even though my dad boxed in the Olympic Games 1976. But they support me and made me believe I could do anything I put my mind to. The reason for turning pro was because I under achieved as an amateur for my expectations, having a few bad decision’s and under performing when I needed to perform. My mind was set and I became more determined to succeed then ever.”

2. With ITV now in the mix, Matchroom flying the flag high for UK and Boxnation teaming up with BT Sport, who do you feel next year is going to really take off in the promotional world and is there anyone in the future you fancy seeing yourself signing for?

“Everyone is doing great promotional wise, and the good competitiveness is what’s making British boxing thrive more then ever. Right now I’m keeping my feet on the floor and eyeing up my options.”

3. Domestically there are some big fights in the Super Lightweight division. Is there anyone out there that you are chasing a domestic clash with next year?

“I don’t chase no one. I know where I am going and no one will stand in my way from getting there.”


4. If you were a promoter and had every fighter in the UK under your stable, what two domestic clashes would you make and why?

“Groves Vs DeGale. Just the build up listening to how they have both matured and changed as men and as fighters since their first meeting years ago. Also Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury, just as a fan it’s the best vs the best”.

5. Ricky Burns is currently the world champion in the WBA at your division. As you are the continental champion for that governing body, is that the route you are going to try and take?

“Yes I am on that route. My path is planned but I have to take each fight as it comes and take care of one job at a time. It’s a tough old sport we are in.”

6. Since becoming a boxer, are there any sides to boxing you don’t like which you didn’t prepare yourself for whilst fighting as an amateur?

“I wasn’t disciplined in anyway as an amateur and I wasn’t educated enough on nutrition and life outside the ring. Now I have an unbelievable team that covers every aspect of the game. I have no faults, I love it all.”

Photo Credit – (@robbiedaviesjr)

7. Do you know when your next fight is going to be and who it’s against?

“Willie Limmond, 21st January 2017 at Preston Guild Hall.”

8. Would moving up to Welterweight be something you would consider, as there are also some exciting domestic clashes up there.

“I’m comfy at light-welter. Won’t be moving up anytime soon.”

9. We all know how rough the sport can be at times and also poor matchmaking allowing fighters to be halted before they are ready. What do you feel is the perfect advice to give to young fighters coming up the professional ranks in the future?

“Best advice I was ever given was .. have patience, everything won’t happen over night, but if your good enough and you work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people then anyone can achieve their goals.”

A huge thanks to Robbie for his time and we wish him a successful 2017! You can follow him on Twitter – @RobbieDaviesJr 

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