Photo Credit – (@chriseubankjr)

On February 4th ITV will dive back into boxing after decades away from the sport and they will return by having Chris Eubank Jr headline the PPV show against questionable opponent Renold Quinlan for the IBO Super Middleweight Title.

You can have this on your screens for a very reasonable and generous £20, £3 more than you would pay to see Anthony Joshua headline a card with 6 hours worth of a jammed undercard so in terms of value for money, it’s absolutely spot on.

In Fact its been hit so hard with waves of criticism that the Eubank’s are trying everything they can to ensure the promotion of their show by getting themselves in the limelight again and more recently appearing on boxing’s most known media platform, IFL TV for the first time despite their previous claims they would never work together.

Photo Credit – (@chriseubankjr)

Eubank Jr has been out of action since his knockout victory against Tom Doran in June with an injury that forced him to pull out questionably against Tommy Langford; partially down to the injury and also a ludicrous quote that they fear for the safety and health of his opponents and they wouldn’t want him to leave lasting damage on fighters in the future, referencing his previous bout with Nick Blackwell.

He has since decided to step up to super middleweight and challenger for a belt that is not recognised by anyone as a world title despite the Eubank’s insisting  “a true boxing fan knows the value of this belt” and he will be entering the ring without an official trainer behind him.

Jr was previously trained by Adam Booth and trainer of his father Chris Eubank Sr, Ronnie Davies. His split with Adam Booth was revealed to be down to disagreements in the gym and his father had stated in an interview that Jr feels he doesn’t need to listen to trainers as he knows his own strengths anyway.

Photo Credit – (@chriseubankjr)

When commenting on his ex trainer Ronnie Davies, he said “He doesn’t train me, he’s an old dog now and he can’t hold the pads anymore”. A very disrespectful way to talk about the man who guided the career of your father and also the early stages of your career.

Eubank does have someone in the gym holding the pads for him that he gels well with, but the rest seems to be a big cloud of fog. Unaware who will be in his corner the night of his bout with Quinlan, but working with these two men seems an absolutely impossible journey as we have seen throughout 2016.

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