Photo Credit – (@canelo)

Since suffering a painful 2016 at the hands of the media, Canelo Alvarez continues to amaze us all even more as he ducks another opportunity to fight Gennady Golovkin, and instead defies the laws of physics and jumps up two weight divisions to meet fellow Mexican star Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, a weight class above the one his ‘body wasn’t ready for’.

I’m not going to go into the horrible negotiations in his fight against Gennady Golokvin, as a boxing fan it’s not worth wasting my breath. He ducked the fight, chose Liam Smith at 154lbs and picked up a title that isn’t worth half the stature he held up at middleweight.

Photo Credit – (@canelo)

Since then negotiations have started with another Mexican star, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr for the Mexican Independence day in May, but it now seems even that seems unlikely as boxing’s biggest con man is back again with outrageous demands.

“The negotiations are still going, but there has been no willingness on the part of another Mexican fighter, because he wants to get five times more [money] than us, which is something that I find unfair. We do not want more, we are giving them more – but that is the right thing to do, especially because it is the fight that people want to see. And if they do not accept, then it’s not us who aren’t interested in the fight,” Chavez Jr. told Box Azteca.

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