After what seemed to be a ludicrous idea at one stage for the two Mexican superstars to fight each other, has become a reality as the pair will face off on May 6th, the day of Cinqo De Mayo, Mexican independence weekend.

The fight seemed like it was coming to a standstill as both fighters could not agree on terms. With Chavez Jr known to struggle making weight up at 168lbs, and Canelo being a fighter that resides down at 154lbs, the catchweight was undecided. 

In the end the pair settled on 164.5lbs? I strange demand on Canelo’s part but being the A side fighter, he got whatever he wanted. Reportedly he wanted fight times the purse Chavez Jr will receive, and it comes as a disappointment to many as he wasn’t ready to face Golovkin at 165lbs, but he will bring a super middleweight fighter down to meet him?

Once again, Canelo’s career is damaging itself as it goes along, with promoter Oscar De La Hoya playing a huge part of his demise. Yes Canelo is still the biggest draw in boxing as far as superstardom goes, but there is only so long he can keep conning the public, and giving us what we don’t want to see. 

I along with most true boxing fans know this is a terrible fight. It’s an easy victory for Canelo and another whopping payday he will receive for fighting someone no one wants to see. And after all, it’s still left a bitter taste in most people’s mouths the fact that he decided to vacate one of the most prestigious belts in boxing, the WBC Middleweight title to avoid Gennady Golovkin. 

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