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On March 4th we see a complete mismatch that will cost us £16.95. The former unified cruiserweight champion and former heavyweight champion of the world, David Haye 28-2-0 (26ko’s) will take on the current WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew 28-2-1 (18ko’s) at Heavyweight.

The verbal jabs started on social media, and no one is quite sure what the initial problem is that spiraled this entire fiasco out of control, but the two have finally put pen to paper and will be getting it on at the London o2.

Tony Bellew is originally a Light Heavyweight fighter that will be coming up two weight divisions to fight Haye, and Haye isn’t exactly a small heavyweight. He isn’t a massive on either, but he will be levels above Bellew in regards to their punching power.

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The pair first bought huge media attention after Tony Bellew faced one of Haye’s good friends, BJ Flores, an opponent Haye previously said hits very hard, and is going to knock Bellew out. The fight ended extremely early, with Bellew knocking out Flores in three rounds.

Bellew then took to the microphone to call out Haye who was ringside, referencing to his hair as spongebob, actually meaning sideshow bob. Bellew kicked the advertising board at Haye and tried to get out of the ring to confront him. A promoters dream really as these two can market the fights on their own back.

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Tony Bellew is currently trained by Dave Coldwell and has grown increasingly over the last few years, picking up the vacant WBC Cruiserweight title at Goodison Park with a thunderous knockout of Illunga Makabu in the third round.

His opponent from London has teamed up with Irish trainer Shane McGuigan since his return to boxing after a 3 year hiatus from the sport, and feels McGuigan has bought out the best in him, and he feels younger and better than ever.

McGuigan also has the likes of George Groves & Carl Frampton in his table and is really cementing himself as one of the best trainers in the UK at the moment, if not the best with the recent success he has had.

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The pair finally signed to fight each other and came head to head at an extremely entertaining press conference. Haye proceeding to tear chunks out of both Tony Bellew and his promoter Eddie Hearn, saying once he’s knocked out Bellew, he’ll knock out Joshua, and once he’s done that, he will sign fighters to his Hayemaker promotion team and knockout the other Matchroom fighters.

When they both squared up for the face to face, the pair were exchanging words until Bellew proceeded to push Haye, and in return Haye threw a lighting fast left hand straight to the chin of Bellew and the pair were broken up immediately.

The British Boxing Board of Control has this week stated ahead of their fight that if there is any more issues or violent conduct, then the both of them could risk being stripped of their boxing licences and the fight will be cancelled.

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This week the pair meet again for their ‘Gloves are off’ meeting where they will both sit down, over 33 stone of two big men around a tiny little round table with nothing but a 50-year-old Johnny Nelson sat in between them.

In recent weight checks, Bellew has actually came in slightly heavier than Haye, which can mean two things. He is adapting to his move up to the heavyweight division well, putting on muscle and size to his advantage, or the more likely of the two….

Tony Bellew could be eating himself in two the weight, putting on excess fat and under estimating his normal size. Haye used to come into fights weighing just 15/16 stone which isn’t huge for Heavyweights, and Bellew thinking he needs to match Haye weight for weight could be a silly mistake.

Despite the price we will have to pay to watch the fight, it should be quite enteraining because there is not even a slight chance that the fight will go the distance. Someone is getting knocked out, and also on the undercard is quite a fun fight, we see undefeated Super Lightweight prospect Ohara Davies taking on seasoned professional Derry Mathews.

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