Since starting up in the latter stages of last year we have grown relatively quickly and the turn around we’ve had from starting from scratch has been positive. Our website is trying to create a platform that people can voice their opinion and gain more exposure.

We have numerous writers that aim to post articles daily, and we also interview fighters worldwide. Our network is growing along with the interest we generate. We are a very laid back entity that doesn’t apply a strict and pressured approach to writing for us, there is no limit we expect you to contribute, it could be as little or as much as you like.

All we simply ask is that you send in the photos you want added, and the places you got them for copyright purposes, and the rest is in your hands. We operate solely online and communicate via email, and we have also recently branched out with some European translator’s that have allowed us to conduct interview’s with fighters outside of the U.K!

If you want to join a growing team or boxing enthusiasts and people who have a love for the sport, simply email us at thefightdiary@outlook.com or get in touch by message either via our twitter page TFD Twittter or via our Facebook page TFD Facebook!


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