Photo Credit – (@mrdavidhaye)

Former CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Richard Schaefer has teamed up with David Haye’s Hayemaker Promotions in the hope to bring more boxing to the UK, and have their shows on a new UK broadcaster.

Schaefer used to be heavily at the forefront of Golden Boy Promotions, the entity that has evolved Canelo Alvarez into the face of boxing. However he split the company in 2014, leaving on bad terms.

He then went on to create his new brand Ringstar Sports and will be working together with one of his long time friends in the game, self promoting former world champion Haye and they will call their brand Hayemaker-Ringstar.

Haye had this to say to the Mirror.co.uk –

“It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to be involved in other fights other than my own, to form this strategic alliance was a no-brainer. We are speaking to numerous television networks about our long-term future to make sure our fighters are looked after.

“I’ve spoken to big-name fighters over the years and behind the scenes they’re very unhappy because they’re not getting a fair slice of the pie.”

Schaefer added: “I have a special love for the UK, it has the most passionate fight fans in the world. David and I have been friends for a long time. I got together with David and we formulated some ideas to see how we can empower the fighters in the UK.

This is a company built by a fighter for the fighters, working for the fighters and not the other way around.”

We could be about to see some more boxing added to the UK television screens, however that seems hard to process now as we have Matchroom Sports teamed up with Sky Sports, we have Boxnation teamed up with BT Sport, ITV are back in the mix and Cyclone Promotions teamed up with channel 5.

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