chris-eubank-jr-and-renold-quinlan-pose-during-the-photocallPhoto Credit – (@TheMirror)

Two Saturday’s ago we saw ITV’s return to boxing as Robbie Davies Jr stopped Zoltan Szabo with a peach of a body shot in the latter stages of their fight. It was aired on ITV4 and was a success among most boxing fans.

This Saturday we have Chris Eubank Jr 23-1 (18ko’s) fighting for the IBO Super middleweight title against Renold Quinlan 11-1 (7ko’s) at the London Olympia and you can see this on your TV screens for the sum of £9.95. Should you pay for this? most definitely not!

When you think of a pay per view card or a pay per view star the names like Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao will spring to mind. You associate it with world level fighters and world title fights. The IBO is not a recognized world title by any governing body at all! Do not be fooled into thinking you are watching a world title fight, because you aren’t!

stream_img-itvPhoto Credit – (@ITV.com)

When you think about prestigious boxing belts your first strap that comes to mind is the green and gold WBC belt. Followed by the WBA, the WBO and the IBF. These are all recognized governing bodies. Belts such as the WBU, the WBF and the IBO are often referred to as “paper belts”.

Taking no credit away from the current champion Renold Quinlan, but he is definitely not up to the standard of Chris Eubank Jr. When you pay money to watch a fight, you expect to see either a 50/50 fight or a superstar against a superstar. Here, we have neither!

Renold Quinlan’s best and only credible win on his resume is against a 35-year-old former world champion Daniel Geale, defeating him by stoppage in a fight he was expected not to win. That bout was fought for at the Silverdome Basketball Stadium in Tasmania.

billy-joe-saunders-vs-chris-eubank-jr-ringnews24Photo Credit – (@RingNews24)

Chris Eubank Jr’s best win is against Dmitrii Chudinov, picking up the interim WBA World Middleweight title. Chudinov has since not fought for any sort of title in existence and has appeared to dwindle away into the crowded list of fringe level fighters.

So straight away, nothing on either fighters resume screams world-class. When Chris Eubank Jr defeated Chudinov to pick up the interim WBA title, he was in line to face WBA Regular World champion Daniel Jacobs for the opportunity to win a real world title. A challenge which he declined and instead chased the British belt.

So once you realize the fight that will headline the pay per view bill is in fact nothing but a scam as some bookies have him the 1/100 favourite, it then takes us onto the undercard.

If this undercard was on free TV you wouldn’t complain. It’s good enough, one competitive fight in John Ryder v Adam Etches but the rest is pretty poor. We have Ardin Dale v Andrew Selby, David Price v Christian Hammer & Kid Galahad v Joseph Agbeko.

chris-eubank-jr-boxing-middleweight_3351274Photo Credit – (@SkySports)

David Price will be facing Christian Hammer as chief support. Price has never made it past British level as his resume shows us. He has shown a vulnerable chin and has crumbled three times against fringe level opponents.

Since being knocked out by Erkan Teper in 2015, Price has fought Vaclav Pesjar (9-2) and Ivica Perkovic (22-30), two opponents who didn’t look fit to be in a boxing ring. You can’t argue with Hammer’s record I suppose, he’s the former European Heavyweight champion and has some OK opponents.

You then have Kid Galahad v Joseph Agbeko. That isn’t a diabolical fight, the only thing that allows me to side with it is the fact that Galahad recently served a two-year drugs ban. There is absolutely no space in boxing for anyone that takes drugs, regardless of who you are!

Then added to the bill is Lee Selby’s younger brother Andrew Selby. He is an incredibly promising star and has looked the real deal so far, however when having an interview with IFL TV last week he referred to him as “Who’s that kid that’s been added to the bill” as he needed help from Kugan Cassius to remember Andrew’s name.

This tells you he has no clue really whats going on with the undercard, and doesn’t really have any interest in it. Not what you would expect from a fighter that is expecting the fans to pay to watch the card that he headlines!

main-chris-eubank-jr-renold-quinlan-the-mnirrorPhoto Credit – (@TheMirror)

When a fight is pay per view, the main reason that a fight is put on a paid platform is because the purse of the fighters that are on the card wouldn’t be possible unless there was financial backing from hundreds of thousands of fans.

Fights like Wladimir Klitschko v Anthony Joshua can be explained as the purses each fighter will receive will be life changing money. Rumors of £15 million each have been thrown into the air. However Renold Quinlan last month was penalised by the Eubank’s for announcing his purse was £44,000 whilst he believes Eubank Jr is expecting near £1 million.

There is no chance the fighters on the undercard will be receiving a healthy payday as we all know what negotiations are like with Chris Eubank Sr and he would have made sure he would bleed dry as much of the pot as he possibly could.

Being on a broadcaster as big as ITV, the demand for advertisement would be huge. You would have a reach of millions of people who would tune in if it’s on free to air TV. If Eubank Jr was fair with his purse you would easily be able to cover the cost of the card just down to endorsements and ring advertisement.

eubank-itvPhoto Credit – (@ITV.com)

As much as we all hate paying to watch boxing, when you consider all the criticism a Matchroom Sport’ pay per view event gets, you can excuse it when you compare it to this dross.

You will have televised fights starting from 6pm all the way through to midnight with a fair bunch of exciting fights, a few world titles and definitely at least a few world-class fighters.

When you strip it back, you will still be able to have two men fighting in a ring, whether there is a single fan or not. But what you wouldn’t have if there was not a fan in sight would be the purses, the TV rights and the belts on the line.

There would be no financial backing at all without the support of fans, and its completely clear the Eubank’s have absolutely no care in the world about the paying fans.

He has stated in an interview that this will be the first of many, and ITV are here to stay. This means we will continue to see fights on the pay per view platform, despite them being daylight robbery.

And as Eubank Sr keeps stating, “It’s only the price of two beers and packet of crisps”, sound fair? I think a better investment would be sinking the two bevs and buying a packet of walkers. You wouldn’t feel as disrespected.

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