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Expect no holds barred here, I’m not going to sugar coat it into something it wasn’t. I’ll call a spade a spade, and what we got last night was absolutely farcical. We saw Eubank Jr take on Renold Quinlan for the IBO Super Middleweight “World Title”.

I’ve woken up this morning a better man, knowing I’m quids in as £10 still lies in my bank account and I watched the entire card for free, unfortunately. Eubank stopped his opponent late on, in an incredibly boring fight, but before we get to that, let’s pick apart the rest of the disaster. 

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We saw Kid Galahad’s opponent Joseph Agbeko withdraw on short notice (rumours that he withdrew hours before the fight). In turn we saw Nicaraguan journeyman Leonel Hernandez enter the ring with a record of 10-18-2. 

In fact I lied, we didn’t see him enter the ring at all. He just appeared with no music and no introduction. The man clearly had no intentions of being there, however they just needed someone for Galahad to knock over nice and quick. 

At the start of round 3, Hernandez didn’t leave his stool and the referee waved the fight off. I don’t blame Hernandez as he had a busted eye, and Galahad continued to go in with his head, causing questionable blows that the referee didn’t call him up on (surprised?) 

Galahad then seemed to show no compassion to his opponent and instead looked angry that his opponent had given up. Galahads trainer Dominic Ingle also was not impressed and wasn’t enthusiastic enough to go and shake hands with the other side to congratulate them or thank them for coming.

But the worst part of all for Galahad, he then took to the microphone after the fight and said “I’m now ready for a world title fight, and we will stick it on pay per view!”. I almost suffered a seizure there and then. 

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After that dross had finished, we saw Adam Etches v John Ryder face off for the vacant IBF International Super Middleweight belt in what turned out to be an extremely tedious state of affairs.

From the start Etches looked stiff and was throwing straight hands down the pipe. There was no urgency or spark from Etches and he struggled to settle in to a rhythm and looked close to being pulled out on occasions. 

Etches continued to look lost for ideas as his corner work was extremely vague. Despite the different magnitude of the fight when you compare Golovkin v Brook, Etches was taking an almighty amount of damage but his corner never seemed as concerned as they did for Brook. 

I know that’s a big statement as he was in against one of the pound for pound stars, but anyone can suffer head injuries as we’ve seen with some of last years tragedies.

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Credit where credit is due and the right man won on the night. Ryder looked the more cleaner and technical fighter in there and it showed on the judges scorecards. 

He won by unanimous decision with one card even being 118-110. Where Etches goes from here I don’t know as this was a crucial fight for the progression of each mans career, but I’m pleased the deserving winner got the title.

Photo Credit – (@TheSun)

Onto the chief support! What a complete shambles this was for lovable Liverpudlian David Price as he showed us the reason Audrey Harrison will always be the best name on his resume.

Price entered the first 45 seconds with a George Groves-esq stance as he was bouncing the jab around and keeping his hands low. 15 seconds after that approach finished, he was gassing out his arse.

This was a must win for Price if he has any intentions of carrying on fighting at a competitive level, but he came up short. By three rounds, we saw the same David Price that got knocked out by Tony Thompson. 

A psychologically defeated man that had left his heart in the changing room. After two rounds, Price was mentally gone. He continued to try and bounce around but everyone in the arena could see his heart wasn’t in it.

Photo Credit – (@MirrorSport)

Despite absorbing punishment like a wet sponge, Christian Hammer got caught unstuck early on as Price hit him with a combination followed by an uppercut that send Hammer to the canvas, dazed and frustrated.

Although Price done enough to win the round thanks to the knockdown, he was still in serious trouble. He was too big and heavy for his own good and showed us no strength and conditioning can save a man who comes in 6ft9 and 20 stone.

Price then done one of the worst things you can do in boxing as he gave up his stance, dropped his hands and just bent over and froze. 

It was worrying, the man had suffered enough but found somewhere in his beaten heart to carry on as he went back to his corner and slouched as if the fight had already finished. 

Photo Credit – (@LiverpoolEcho)

Hammer was growing increasingly in confidence as he knew Price was fading away. The bell rung for what was to be the final round of the fight, Hammer was straight out to the ring and Price still sat looking gloomy on his stool. 

Price picked himself up, made his way over to the centre of the ring and engaged in possibly the most tiring round of boxing you will have seen in a while.

He continued to back himself up on the ropes and didn’t answer any of the questions that hammer had to offer. 

Photo Credit – (@BarleyPhoto)

Stumbling and falling around like he knew his chances had diminished, the referee called it off and Price was out on his feet. 

He wobbled back to his stool and slouched down with no emotion. Price’ chances at ever earning a world title shot had been taken away from him in just 7 rounds as the man was a wreck. 

He didn’t want to be there, he wasn’t in shape and he was too big for his own good. Price admitted he didn’t watch his weight at all and came in the heaviest he’s ever been, and it definitely showed. 

Photo Credit – (@BarleyPhoto)

I’m not going to talk much about the main event, cause frankly the fact it came with a price of £10 is criminal. 

Eubank looked bored and not himself. The show boating was few and far between and he didn’t have his exciting success that he normally brings.

Quinlan took some flush shots from Eubank and he didn’t budge one bit. An array of combinations forced the stoppage, a right one in all honesty, but it didn’t make Eubank look special.

Photo Credit – (@ChrisEubankJr)

However one thing that did have fans extremely pleased, was the Facebook stream that was put live last night in HD crystal clear quality. 

When Eubank was on, it had an audience of 100,000 people on one stream alone. If the price of the pay per view was £10, and 100k people had tuned in to one stream alone, that’s £1million of revenue gone, let alone taking into consideration the thousands of other streams available.

If you are reading this as one of the unfortunate people to have paid for the fight, I would suggest you request a refund under false advertisement claims. You did not see a world title fight, you did not see any competitive fights, you simply were sold a dream. 

The problem with this mainly, is it allows other promoters to think British fans will pay money when they cook up a croc of s**t like this in the future.

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