fresoquendo-vs-briggs-3Photo Credit – (

Shannon Briggs and Fres Oquendo are set to face each other for the vacant WBA regular heavyweight title after it was stripped of undefeated Australian fighter Lucas Browne. 

If the pair step into the ring they will have a combined age of 88 which isn’t good in the current state of boxing as we have seen how dangerous boxing can be this past year. The fight was set to go to purse bids on a 50/50% split but there is question whether anyone will actually turn up to bid.

Because the belt is vacant, they will be entitled to half the purse each however the WBA’s rules are any heavyweight title fight that goes to purse bids must start at a minimum of £1million.

That is an extremely hefty price for a promoter to pay as the money this fight will generate would not be anywhere near this unless the event gets put on a pay per view platform, though the chance of this being on a pay per view event is highly unlikely due to the magnitude of the fighters involved.

If no one turns up to bid on the fight, the WBA will issue a second purse bid and will decrease the amount asked. If failure for that to be secured by a promoter then the pair could risk loosing their rankings by the WBA and the fight will fall through.





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