julio-cesar-chavez-jr-boxing-chavez_3417183Photo Credit – (@SkySports)

In preparation for their all Mexican showdown, Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr have been putting their tools to work and the question of Chavez Jr’s weight has been thrown around a lot.

He has however recently teamed up with hall of fame trainer Nacho Beristain in hope the strict and no-nonsense Mexican will bring the discipline into his camp that he will need. He has also hired strength and conditioning coach Angel ‘Memo’ Heredia.

Chavez Jr will be meeting Canelo at 164.5lbs, a weight he hasn’t been down to in years. He has suffered often with a lack of motivation in training camps and has blown to weights such as 172lbs in the past on fight night.

It has come apparent however he is now down to 180lbs, this is the lightest Chavez has walked around prior to a fight in a long time, and it shows us that his camp is going extremely well. The fact he has his weight within 15 1/2lbs near the limit with this ages still left to the fight, means he can focus the rest of his time on his stamina as opposed to draining his body in rapid succession.

“My dad tells me that I have to be physically and mentally well prepared. He has confidence in Beristáin, the strategy we are going to do – where we will work hard not to fight with the weight, to be one hundred percent in physical condition – and that is going to be fundamental for the fight,”

“He has rightly criticized me because I’ve done things wrong and a coach with a lot of experience does not like someone who has ability, but is doing everything wrong. He gives me courage as he gave my father courage. I will put everything together,” said Chavez.


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