charlo-trout_newsPhoto Credit – (@PremierBoxingChampions)

Jermall Charlo, the holder of the light middleweight IBF title has decided to vacate his belt and has moved up to middleweight, in hope of chasing down some of the big names at 160lbs.

The 26-year-old undefeated champion from Houston has looked impressive whilst embarking on his professional career, rallying up a record of 25-0 (19ko’s). He has always looked like a huge light middleweight and moving up to 160 inevitable, leaving his twin brother and WBC light middleweight champion Jermell Charlo.

Jermall and Jermell, both often hard to distinguish between as their names are so similar, will now be easily recognized as they both now fight in different divisions. Both undefeated fighters and looking extremely talented, they made the perfect duo at 154lbs.

jermall-charlo-jermell-charlo-boxing_3471146Photo Credit – (@SkySports)

“I’ve been thinking about moving to 160 pounds for a while now,” Charlo said. “It was a struggle for me to make the weight for the last title fight. Once I captured the title I defended it immediately, because I wasn’t sure how long I could hold the weight. I held it an extra year to fight Austin Trout and Julian Williams. I feel there are bigger and better things for me at 160 where I can still hold my weight and be stronger. The idea of being a two-time world champion is a big goal for me.

“If there were a big fight at 154 pounds left for me, I’d stick around and wait for it. But there isn’t anything there that can be made quickly. And I wouldn’t fight my brother or my gym mate and close friend, Erislandy Lara.”

Jermall’s trainer Ronnie Shields – “It’s a move that has to be made,” said Shields. “He was definitely having trouble making that weight. No sense in holding himself down in making that weight. Going up to 160 pounds is a must. I think he does well there. He’s big enough to handle the weight. It’s not like we have to do anything special to compete at 160 pounds. That’s basically what he is – a middleweight.”

“I’ve been training for a couple of weeks now. It’s like a mini-camp. I’ve been shaking out,” Charlo said. “We’re looking at May to be completely ready. I’m a big athlete already. I’m just looking forward to taking my superstar status and competing with the big boys up there.

The glamorous middleweight division continues to grow in excitement! The vacant IBF light middleweight title will be contested for between Tony Harrison and Jarrett Hurd.


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