ALERT: The Fight Diary plans for 2017 – Over some time now we have been focusing on growing our brand and ensuring the content our readers receive is engaging. We are in an incredibly stable place after the growth of our journalist team, and venturing out into the White-Collar industry where we will be trading under the name ‘The Fight Diary Promotions’. (more details to follow soon)

In the meantime, the sole purpose of our website is to give individuals, whether it be an aspiring writer or a professional fighter, a boost in exposure by allowing you to use our site as a platform to promote any news you may have. This service will be completely FREE.

If there are any promoters, big or small that are out there that are looking to get their news, updates or general information out in the form of a website article on a platform that is seen by many, then we are here to allow you do to so. We will also help fighters build a portfolio of images and facts that they can accumulate and we will put together a piece tailored to you!

We will be operating not only out of the U.K, but now in Poland, Russia and America. We have journalists spread across the globe to help distribute news to true boxing fans, and our sole purpose is to help people gain an interest, and capitalise on the free service we are offering.

If you would like to get in touch, or know anyone that this could be of any use to, please email me at

Cheers, George.

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