Photo Credit – (@WBCboxing)

The biggest fight in world boxing today, takes a positive turn finally as president of Golden Boy Promotions has revealed the sides are coming together on the details. 

The biggest problem that seemed to be in the way of the pair was the purse. Canelo wanted to offer Gennady Golovkin a flat fee of $10 million, whereas Golovkin wanted a percentage split of the pay per view sales, a very fair request indeed. 

The two are definitely each others dancing partners if they are looking for life changing money in the sport of boxing. This has the potential to surpass most of the record breaking pay per view buys that currently stand, as the two are pound for pound champions in their own rights. 

Photo Credit – (@BoxingJunkie)

The president of Golden Boy Promotions, Eric Gomez has stated he is in contact with Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler and the two sides are just finalising “loose ends”. 

He continued to say the flat fee / percentage split stumbling block is no longer the problem, the only thing now is finalising the minor details and we can expect the fight in the near future. 

Exciting times considering this could be the biggest fight you will see in a large number of years!

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