Eddie-Hearn-boxing-promoter-2014_3221546Photo Credit – (@SkySports)

The head honcho of Matchroom sport is back again giving us gold, as he states Anthony Crolla’s next desirable opponent and purse bracket, despite his former world champion coming off the back of two losses. 

Anthony Crolla and Terry Flanagan are two world level fighters fighting out of Manchester. Both from the same school, both from the same city and both in the same division.

However, like usual the politics involved in boxing mean the fight is almost impossible to make as the two fighters promoters can’t agree to work together. Crolla is coming off the back of two career losses and his only real money-making opportunity is against WBO lightweight champion Flanagan.

The problem here is that Hearn has become so used to paying Anthony Crolla more than he deserves, that he now wants Crolla to get a purse of £1,000,000 for fighting his fellow Mancunian. Outrageous!

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